2019 Red Bull King of the Air Setup in Progress

2019 Red Bull King of the Air Setup in Progress

Setup in Progress at Blouberg Beachfront

The field for the 2019 Red Bull King of the Air will be made up of top nine riders from the 2018 edition as well as nine wildcards and video entrants… So, after much deliberation the last nine participants have been chosen, securing their place for the showdown on the windiest day during the waiting period in early 2019.



Confirmed for the 2019 event are defending champ Kevin Langeree, Liam Whaley and Lewis Crathern along with past champions Jesse Richman, Aaron Hadlow and 2017’s winner Nick Jacobsen who missed out on a chance to defend his title due to injury.
Amongst some of the familiar faces like Ruben Lenten, Jerrie Van De Kop and South Africans Josh Emanuel and Ross Dillon Player in the mix, there are also a couple of new names to join the field. GKA Kiteboarding ‘Air Games’ World Champion, Carlos Mario will make his debut at the event.
Red Bull King of the Air 2019 riders (in alphabetical order)
  • Aaron Hadlow (UK) (Previous winner)
  • Aurelien Petreau (France)
  • Carlos Mario (Brazil)
  • Gijs Wassenaar (Netherlands)
  • Jerrie Van De Kop (Netherlands)
  • Jesse Richman (USA) (Previous winner)
  • Joshua Emanuel (South Africa)
  • Kevin Langeree (Netherlands) (2018 winner)
  • Lasse Walker (Netherlands)
  • Lewis Crathern (UK)
  • Liam Whaley (Spain)
  • Marc Jacobs (New Zealand)
  • Nick Jacobsen (Denmark) (2017 winner)
  • Posito Martinez (Dominican Republic)
  • Ross Dillon Player (South Africa)
  • Ruben Lenten (Netherlands)
  • Sam Light (UK)
  • Steven Akkersdijk (Netherlands)



Hey to all the freelance photographers out there… here is to 2019 and great shots all around from all you super talented photographers

XSP – or Xtreme Shot Photography started an initiative called Spot Your Shot in September and it’s taken of quite a bit. Our love for the water and water spots, both under the water and on the surface, together with our need for speed (personal hobby) lead to XSP.

Following a serious accident on the oil rigs back in June 2018 and nearly losing his right hand, Bartosz took to his camera whilst recovering – turned out that the click of the button on the camera ended up being the best possible rehab treatment and he regained his use of his index finger from a mere 25% after reconstruction surgery – to almost 50%. The direct result – he is back on board offshore. That is awesome news, however the sad part is, the kite surfing days are on us and the boys wants their shots.

So here it goes… If you are going to be taking shots of the surfers, kite surfers, or motorbikes and or car rallies, street races etc. We would like to offer you a platform for your shots with your own albums and watermarks on each photo. We pull it into the relevant calendar on our website and publish this on the XSP Facebook page for the boys to look for their shots.

We would like to keep this initiative going and share the platform created – giving you full credit and all orders for your photos will be directly between you and the buyers – there are quite a lot of tourist and international boys who simply love images of those hard to get moments – especially with Table Mountain on the backdrop

We market and share to all the big groups and pages where we already built a great relation with. We simply want to keep this initiative going and grow it into a great platform for all the local photographers and or videographers – yes, we did create a video page on the website http://xsphotography.co.za/xsp-spotyourshot/

Please check out the rest of website http://xsphotography.co.za/ and work through each tab to see how it works.

XSP-Kite, XSP-Surf, XSP-Wheels and there is a Blog also (look down the right side bar menu)

We also have groups as follows and you are most welcome to join and post your moments on film there – remember to add your watermark and give your contact details in the description

FACEBOOK BUSINESS PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/XSPhotograpers/?modal=admin_todo_tour
XSP SURF (FOR SURFERS AND BOARD SPORTS) https://www.facebook.com/groups/339115753321448/?source_id=164098244539478
XSP KITE (FOR KITESURFING) https://www.facebook.com/groups/296106117669241/?source_id=164098244539478
XSP WHEELS (BIKES AND CARS) https://www.facebook.com/groups/573883329706664/?source_id=164098244539478


You can contact  HEIDI STASSEN if you have suggestions, questions or ideas we can build forward together! 

Email: heidi@majohi.com  or xsphototograph@gmail.com 

Mobile: 071 635 5605