Photography all started for for me when, after 2 weeks in Thailand, Pattaya, I got bored of more of the same  and went on a Scuba Diving course. Soon after, I got my first housing, but that is a story for another day… (check out my XSP-blog!)

My affection for the Ocean and Water Sport started when I started Surfing and Kneeboarding locally between Melkbosstrand and Tableview in the late 80’s (Yes, I’m familiar with all the local hot spots) and trying my luck with Windsurfing for a short while…  No, I don’t kitesurf, who’d take the photos?

 After taking my photography from under the water to the surface I thought It’d make sense to go back in the water and here we are…

And then, off course, there is the “need for speed” and the love for both fast cars and motorbikes and those magic road trips across the country.. how can I not want to capture your wheels on film?

Now, I do work for a living and the aim is to keep this initiative going ALL the time. To all the local photographers out there, here it goes…

If you are going to be taking shots of the surfers, kite surfers, or motorbikes and or car rallies, street races, action sports or anything “xtreme” , we would like to offer you a platform for your shots with your own albums and watermarks on each photo. We pull it into the relevant calendar on our website and publish this on the XSP Website and Facebook page for the boys & girls to look for their shots.

We would like to keep this initiative going and share the platform created – giving you full credit and all orders for your photos will be directly between you and the buyers – there are quite a lot of tourist and international players, advertising agencies and more,  who simply love images of those hard to get moments – especially with Table Mountain or other local iconic venues as the backdrop.

We market and share to all the big groups and pages where we already built a great relation with. We simply want to grow it into a great platform for all the local photographers and or videographers to showcase their work and where the public or sportsmen can come and “Spot your Shot” …. yes, we did create a video page on the website  as well, so do send us your Youtube, Vimeo or Facebook Video links and we will publish and share and market your work – XSP-Videos 

Once we have a consistent flow of Photo- and Video Albums, we will start market this to Ad agencies, corporate business and graphic designers to start supporting local talent when purchasing their stock images.

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