Greetings for Xmas from Ghana

Greetings for Xmas from Ghana

As I sit here in Ghana I think to myself what other activity is worth posting pics of and this is one of my personal favourites…some shots from Aliwal Shoal on the Natal South Coast.


Natasha Bezuidenhout
Rae Du Plessis
Gary Snodgrass
Nicki Gibson

…and the rest of you guys. 
Have you managed to find my reg yet? 😀
Ooooh there be plenty of Bulls here I’m told by the fishermen…wanna do some exploration dives?

Merry Christmas to all, may the roads be open and safe for the bikers, the wind howling for the kites and surf pumping for the surfers….may the viz be long and the surge short for the divers.


Robbo HamcSyd Hillman Wessel Vermeulen and you guys know who, I’m not tagging everyone here but everyone at Vipers and all the bikers that accepted us into your community…thanks, it’s been an honour.

Allan Lombard and Donovan Alberts for putting us up to and/or guiding us in this photography thing as far as kites and surfing is concerned over the past 6 months or so

Riccardo Moretti and numerous other kitesurfers and surfers who I’ll probably try mention individually as the days go on, you kept me fit and out of trouble thanks to the loooooong walks on the beach….as above may the wind howl and surf pump thinking of you while looking at empty 6′ points on both sides of a little bay in Takorad,in Ghana

And of course Heidi Stassen my partner in live, love and this lil venture…. MWHA!

Blue Ocean Dive Resort – Aliwal ShoalLike

Our freedivers Andy & Emily on today’s Baited Shark Dive!

Photo Credits: Thank you for the awesome photos Emily