So we just got back from a road-trip with this addition to our XSP series.

As we did seem to get involved with a rally or two, do go to the race track, do enjoy road trips it only makes sense….

Aren’t you fed up of the only photos you ever get of your wheel on the road being the ones with the speeding fines attached…..we’re here to change that.

Please help us spread the word, whenever we go on road trips or see a good looking set of wheels and capture it we’re going to post it here, feel free to look, tag yourselves, comment, like etc and if you’re interested in the high res images drop us a line.


If you're a speed freak - both motorbikes and cars - you can join this group to post where and when you're going to ride. Tell us about your scheduled motor & bike shows, rally's, runs or drag races, and if you want someone with a camera there...we'll see what we can do.

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