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The Doctor came out to play yesterday and was in good company judging by the amount of kites on Kite Beach especially in the late afternoon so I decided to stick a little closer to home i.e Mystic House Cape Town side to The Boardhouse and Kitekahunas (Easier for me to pay attention to the or four kites as opposed to forty…shit get’s a little unreal for me.

But yeah back to shit getting real (yes I can say this, it’s my page and website and if somebody doesn’t like it they don’t need to visit – BUT PLEASE VISIT mmmkay) it was getting pretty real towards the evening again with some hairy looking air on the way up and not always so graceful a landing.

With the weekend predicted to be quiet on the wind front we have lots of images and some video attempts to edit and keep you busy as well as some outings to shoot some of our other activities….
















I love the design on this board nut I’ve always had a thing for Mermaids and back in the day a dolphin or two.