“Zalew na Piaskach also known as ‘the beach’ “

“Zalew na Piaskach also known as ‘the beach’ “

“Zalew na Piaskach also known as ‘the beach’ “

18 June at 16:22  · Budzyn  · S T O R I E S from K R A K O W

Summer is here. Krakow has a humid climate much like that of Durban, with frequent thunder storms and afternoon rain.

We left home around lunch to explore what the locals here calls ‘the beach.’ Coming from a full-time beach life, I sure laughed at the locals referring to the lake as “the beach”, yet, after our visit I can see why.ALBUM 1 ALBUM 2 

There’s no lack of activities, outdoor sports and events with more facilities catering for young and old than any one of Cape Town’s beaches has to offer. Next to the lake you will find an abundance of pubs restaurants and take out kiosks. Most only open over weekends and holidays and mostly during summer only.

It boast event facilities for music concerts, festivals and markets with loads of activity zones. You’ll find from paintball, obstacle courses, volleyball, outdoor and indoor astroturf tennis courts, to zipline-waterski ramps. You can windsurf, go rowing, take a paddle boat out for fun or a rowboat to go fishing. All around the lake there’s manmade beaches to soak up the sun, with umbrellas & chairs for recreational use to the public.

ALBUM 1 ALBUM 2 From there we took a drive to the local quarry where they have a freshwater scuba diving center.Co kryje Zakrzówek? Nie spodziewalibyście się [zdjęcia+wideo] | Kraków Nasze Miasto

They say the water is turquoise and clear with good visibility. Though fresh water, there’s some under water wrecks that makes for fun wreck diving. I think we will give it a go some time soon.It’s about 6 hours drive to the nearest beach from Krakow, yet, the Polish people certainly knows how to turn their immediate environments into fun filled action.

“If there’s no beach, then we simply make our own beach at the lake” – and so they did!

I’m loving my new home more and more with each day’s explorations.