Mortal combat! JurOmania 2020

According to 15th century chronicles, a representative of the Krezowie family captured and imprisoned his niece in the Bobolice Castle. She is still said to haunt the stronghold as a lady in white. There is also a tale about two twin brothers, owners of castles in Mirów and Bobolice. Legend has it that they dug a tunnel between the two strongholds so that they could often meet tête à tête. One day they came into possession of a big treasure – they hid it in the tunnel and put an odious-looking witch on guard to deter any potential thieves.

The brothers understood each other perfectly and could go through fire and water for each other. However, their friendship was put to a difficult test, when one brother brought a beautiful girl from his war expedition. Suspecting that his twin brother may have fallen in love with the girl, he locked her in the cellar near the treasure. One day, during the absence of the witch, who was attending a witches’ sabbath at the Bald Mount, he caught the pair of lovers in the vault. He got angry, murdered his brother and bricked up the girl in the castle dungeons. The ghost of the girl is still said to haunt the castle tower.


What I really love about this castle is the little plaque on the wall which tells you exactly how much state donated to it’s restoration and is dedicated to the workers who restored it and private family that funded it…would love to meet one of them to hear more.

KOTA 2020


2020 sees the eighth edition of Red Bull King of the Air taking place once again in the iconic location of Cape Town, South Africa. This year the athletes will take to the skies at Kite Beach with bigger moves and even bigger airs, all to battle it out to rule the throne.




Photo Credit: Diana Lotter and The Hogs, Tygervalley
With some touch ups from my crayons, hope I did some of you photos some justice, thanks?

What the Sunflower Fund does – https://www.sunflowerfund.org/about-us/

“The Sunflower Fund fights blood diseases like Leukaemia through the recruitment of stem cell donors and maintaining a registry of potential donors committed to helping anyone in need of a life-saving stem cell transplant. We fundraise to cover the cost of education and awareness about the need for and the process to become a blood stem cell donor as well as to cover the cost of the HLA tissue-typing test involved in the recruitment of donors.

The Sunflower Fund also maintains a patient support fund to assist patients who are unable to afford costs associated with getting to transplant as well as being actively involved in creating a platform for support structures to assist patients, families and communities.”

If you’re not a biker this is what the biker community, MC’s, MCC’s and Bikers get involved in more often than you think…sacrificing time,money and effort to raise funds and awarness for worthwhile….. causes …….✌……

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January 30, 2019

Red Bull King of the Air 2019 is on us with the 1st day of the competition expected to take place tomorrow, Thursday 31 January 2019.

Kite surfers flock to Cape Town’s Kite Beach, Big Bay and Blouberg along the West Coast like surfers do to Hawaii’s Big Island. And while the notorious South-Easter might be a bummer for many Capetonians, kiteboarding locals and international kiteboarding professionals pray for these winds to never settle. On a windy Cape Town day, the West Coast, and especially Kite Beach, Big Bay, the skyline is adorned with masses of colourful kites lifting its surfers high into the air.

This renowned kitesurfing competition will return to Kite Beach, Cape Town for the second time and will have a window period of two weeks in late January and early February 2019

Red Bull King of the Air 2019 is on us with the 1st day of the competition expected to take place tomorrow, Thursday 30 January 2019.

Amongst some of the familiar faces like Ruben Lenten, Jerrie Van De Kop and South Africans Josh Emanuel and Ross Dillon Player in the mix, there are also a couple of new names to join the field. GKA Kiteboarding ‘Air Games’ World Champion, Carlos Mario will make his debut at the event.

Riders will have to brave wind and weather to rule the skies with the ultimate goal of being crowned King of the Air 2019.

Xtreme Shot Photography wishes all the kite surfers, the best as they battle it out to see who will be crowned King of the Air 2019!

To all the local photographers out there, here it goes…

If you are going to be taking shots of the surfers, kite surfers, wind surfers, skateboarding, diving or motorbikes & car rallies, off road rally & races, action sports or anything “xtreme” …. we would like to offer you a platform for your shots with your own albums and watermarks on each photo. We pull it into the relevant calendar on our website and publish this on the XSP Website and Facebook page for the boys & girls to look for their shots.

We would like to share the platform created – giving you full credit and all orders for your photos will be directly between you and the buyers – there are quite a lot of tourist and international players, advertising agencies and more, who simply love those hard to get shots – especially with Table Mountain or other local iconic venues as the backdrop.

We market and share to all the big groups and pages where we already built a great relation with. We simply want to grow it into a great platform for all the local photographers and or videographers to showcase their work and where the public or sportsmen can come and “Spot your Shot” and support all of you braving wind and weather to get those shots ….

Yes, we did create a video page on the website as well, so do send us your Youtube, Vimeo or Facebook Video links and we will publish and share and market your work.

With a consistent flow of Photo- and Video Albums, we will start market this to Ad agencies, corporate business and graphic designers alike with the aim to promote & support local talent when purchasing their stock images.

NO, we don’t charge the buyers for your work… that is between you and them direct. We shoot away and add our own albums and as we took the time and effort to invest in this little platform, we thought it will be cool to share our vision with all our local talent and hopefully in the not too far future, the big boys will start purchasing their stock images directly from here supporting and growing local talent. So let’s do this!

We have pages as follows
XSP-ALL SORTS (all sorts of extreme & action)

#fortheloveofphotography #spotyourshot



We are extremely excited to welcome the following collaborating photographers already on board.

Cecily Photography – Cecily Immelman                  

MaleenH Photography – Maleen Hoekstra

Marnette Meyer Photography – Marnette Meyer   

EVice FotoArt – Elroy Vice

Alex de Kock Photography – Alex de Kock

Xpose SA – Michele Chart


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Greetings for Xmas from Ghana

As I sit here in Ghana I think to myself what other activity is worth posting pics of and this is one of my personal favourites…some shots from Aliwal Shoal on the Natal South Coast.

Natasha Bezuidenhout
Rae Du Plessis
Gary Snodgrass
Nicki Gibson

…and the rest of you guys. 
Have you managed to find my reg yet? 😀
Ooooh there be plenty of Bulls here I’m told by the fishermen…wanna do some exploration dives?

Merry Christmas to all, may the roads be open and safe for the bikers, the wind howling for the kites and surf pumping for the surfers….may the viz be long and the surge short for the divers.

Robbo HamcSyd Hillman Wessel Vermeulen and you guys know who, I’m not tagging everyone here but everyone at Vipers and all the bikers that accepted us into your community…thanks, it’s been an honour.

Allan Lombard and Donovan Alberts for putting us up to and/or guiding us in this photography thing as far as kites and surfing is concerned over the past 6 months or so

Riccardo Moretti and numerous other kitesurfers and surfers who I’ll probably try mention individually as the days go on, you kept me fit and out of trouble thanks to the loooooong walks on the beach….as above may the wind howl and surf pump thinking of you while looking at empty 6′ points on both sides of a little bay in Takorad,in Ghana

And of course Heidi Stassen my partner in live, love and this lil venture…. MWHA!


Blue Ocean Dive Resort – Aliwal ShoalLike

Our freedivers Andy & Emily on today’s Baited Shark Dive!

Photo Credits: Thank you for the awesome photos Emily






























XSPSurf – Something personal.


I took these on the 27th I think at Derde Steen with my little canon and housing, these two were out and with what I got from the session this is the best I could do, I wasn’t going to post these at all as there is nothing special about them at first, the waves are sort of crappy, my skills here are iffy and I ran out of memory but then I sort of thought about it and even if these are’t that great the the two guys surfing might appreciate it…they’re surfing together and are obviously friends, the location is pretty iconic, the sun is shining, hell maybe they see it and like it so here it is.







































XSPUpdates, Latest and Stuff.

Our website is sort of up and ready for visitors, please visit – your feedback is welcome.
The link to yesterdays album per normal can be seen here https://www.facebook.com/media/set – Keep visiting, interacting and sharing, it’s our basic survival tool here.

The Doctor came out to play yesterday and was in good company judging by the amount of kites on Kite Beach especially in the late afternoon so I decided to stick a little closer to home i.e Mystic House Cape Town side to The Boardhouse and Kitekahunas (Easier for me to pay attention to the or four kites as opposed to forty…shit get’s a little unreal for me.

But yeah back to shit getting real (yes I can say this, it’s my page and website and if somebody doesn’t like it they don’t need to visit – BUT PLEASE VISIT mmmkay) it was getting pretty real towards the evening again with some hairy looking air on the way up and not always so graceful a landing.

With the weekend predicted to be quiet on the wind front we have lots of images and some video attempts to edit and keep you busy as well as some outings to shoot some of our other activities….

I love the design on this board but I’ve always had a thing for Mermaids and back in the day a dolphin or two.




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